Mystery Project 03 - New Urban House takes shape

Having been in the architecture and building business for over 30 years, it is nice to have a portfolio of work that draws customers to the style of work that I prefer to do.  More and more, clients are discovering our work through online searches.  The clients for the featured custom single family house we are calling "Mystery Project 03"  came to us from an online search.  The house is now under construction.  There are several reasons why we are guarding the location of the project, but we will reveal more details about it as it progresses.  

My clients are a young family who were living for a time in my native California who came to Chicago to take advantage of a professional opportunity.  They recognized the modernist architecture that we are producing, and the similarity what has been designed in Southern California for over a century. 

We have been blessed to have people with good taste and a property that is larger than the standard 25' x 125 lot in Chicago.  As in all of our projects, we have done our best at bringing in an abundance of natural light and the warmth of the sun, while at the same time, protecting the privacy of the occupants. Our intent to create a house that fits its surroundings in terms of its scale, material and repose.  Our manner of design is different than that of the neighboring buildings but we are respectful to the history of the neighborhood.  The neighborhood is which it sits, and most neighborhoods in Chicago are eclectic and we feel that the  of this house is our expression of the diversity of the neighborhood and the  continuum of that diversity moving forward.

The house will be light filled but private, spacious with a hierarchy of scale and a sense of procession as one moves through the spaces.  It will weaving interior spaces with outdoor spaces.  It is designed is modern spatially but there will be a warmth and comfort to the spaces that are created.  

We look forward to reporting on the construction as it progresses.

Peter Nicholas