The Flite Series is a 4 unit townhouse development located in Ottawa, Illinois.  Located 75 minutes for downtown Chicago in the Heritage Harbor planned marina based community, the project is perched atop a bluff overlooking an inlet feeding from the Illinois River.  Each unit ranges in size from 2,500 - 3,100 square feet on 3 levels.  All levels have views directed towards the water.  The units are placed as close to the water as allowable and the two car garages for each unit were placed as close to the street as allowable which accomplishes two things; it creates a protected semi-private outdoor living space between the garage the main building and separating the garages reduces the scale of the main buildings in respect to its single family neighbors.






Residential Architecture



Multi-famiily - 4 Unit Townhouse


Construction completed 2015


Ottawa, Illinois

Project Team

Peter Nicholas
John Roche


Cary Kerbel - KIII Inc