A 5,000 square foot plus basement, single family residence located on a cul-de-sac, adjacent to a golf course in an older, inner ring suburb of Chicago. The property is triangular in shape and the house responds directly to the site conditions by subdividing the land into 4 distinct exterior spaces with interior spaces responding and interacting with those spaces.  The front yard addresses the terminus of the street with a formal facade.  The exterior walls are clad in stucco, zinc panels, cement board panels, masonry.The stair hall of the house is expressed as a glass enclosed connector between front and rear volumes which fronts a Japanese style court with the view towards a line of trees and the golf course on the west side, and an internal courtyard for grilling on the east side.


Residential Architecture



Single Family Residential


Construction scheduled to start Fall 2018


Wilmette, IL

Project Team

Peter Nicholas, Lori Day, Jacob Wahler (renderings)

Structural Engineering
Hutter-Trankina Engineering

MEP Engineering
Sustainable Energy Engineering Group

General Contractor

NCA Build, Ltd / Kelly I Smith


Jacob Wahler